Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dave & Serena Sneak Peek

I've noticed a lot of blogs are starting to show one or two images as a sneak peek before they post the whole wedding. With wedding season in full gear and limited time to post, I have embraced this trend and might start doing it more often. Here is a tasty gem from last nights rain.


  1. so sick. a gem indeed. i normally don't like sneak peeks cause partial posts are annoying, but this one is striking.

  2. @Hugh, had fun shooting the wedding with you on Saturday. I love you so bad. ok, that didn't sound good.
    @Matt, I agree and wasn't going to do this but was so excited about this image I had to post.
    @Ben, welcome to my blog. I'm a big fan and am honored about those three little words.

  3. So this sneak peak is definitely working because I've come to check back to see if you've added the rest from this event! :)

  4. @Jen, the post will be up later this week, thanks for checking in...