Thursday, May 14, 2009

Billy & Kristi

This couple's got class. Billy and Kristi were married in Dana Point and had a styled out reception at the Casa Romantica, San Clemente. Flowers were done by the very talented Tricia, coordinating by lovely Maren and was honored to shoot along side photo artist, Hugh Forte. Shooting weddings with professional venders makes me happy. What makes me even happier is working with cool couples like Billy and Kristi. There are only a few groupings of photos in the blog. To view the full love story of the day, check the slideshow.


  1. Miah - these are amazing. Gorgeous pictures. You captured THE moments. Thank you for being so easy to work with! It was a pleasure.

  2. gorgeous!! I can't wait for my turn :)

  3. @Hugh, I learned it from watching you
    @Maren, thanks, I look forward to the next time our paths cross
    @Heather, we're gearing up for July 18th
    @David, how's North Carolina? Can't wait to see some of your new images on The Click blog