Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunday Night Football

While everyone in San Diego last night was watching the Chargers/Patriots game our buddies were pulling into chlorine tubes at the Wave House, Mission Beach ( Not knowing about our amazing skills the wave operator suggested to start at level 2 of 7. Of course we laughed and told him crank it up full blast, level 7 captain. Wow, most of us had never been on the thing but we picked it up quickly and walking away from the "Bruticus Maximus" without any permanent injuries. Below are some of highlights...

Mike Stonis went first to set the pace.

Kap Sanderson, the Hawaiian, flew in from Texas to share in the fun.

Ryan Chora had the deepest barrel rides

Kent & Anne

Two nights ago I was able to assist for a photographer who shot at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point. Below are some of the moments...

Kent excited about his custom clip on tie.

Best man Robert flashing the bling.

The Bride, Anne, feeling the love.

Let the games begin!

This is what makes shooting a wedding fun. A simple look can say so much. These two had been waiting a long time for each other.

Reception Time