Monday, October 29, 2007

The Powder Room

Mandy from Dragon

Yesterday was a wild but, super fun beauty/fashion shoot. I shot with Diana from Jet Modeling Agency and Mandy from Dragon. The shoot was basically for me to test and work with creative people for upcoming commercial shoots. I sent the photos to NY to my retoucher so I should have the final product in a couple of days which I will definately share here.

Mikey T

Talented photographer, Mikey Tnasuttimonkol, just got back from Puerto Escondito with some sweet images for Australian Riptide Magazine. He barrowed one of my water housings for the trip so he dropped it off today and we had lunch. His website is I can't wait to see the updated site with all his new images. He still uses film 99% of the time which give his images a very natural look. He just bought a new Contax rangefinder film camera that made me jealous.

Tree Art

Just Sunday while on the way to a meeting, a tree next to some posts in the ground caught my eye. It's always good to carry a camera in the car just in case a photo opportunity arises. With a couple of clicks in photoshop this tree became fine art. Next time there will hopefully be people in the image to add personality.

Red Sun

The other day I was out for a stroll and notice it being a bit darker than usual. The sun could be seen behind a thick cloud of ash and smoke. I new the fires burned up most of Southern California but I wasn't expecting a red sun. I quickly grabbed my camera and shot this fire ball but then went exploring to see if I could find any fire here in San Clemente. There were firemen in Camp Pentleton lighting back fires which made for some interesting photos.

Chris & Cory

Last night I shot a fun couple at the Montage in Laguna Beach. We had a good time especially at the end maneuvering between the other 50 photographers. Really there were only 6 or 7 but it seemed like every other person on the beach was holding a pro camera. What can I say, the location is very photogenic.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Becker Family

The Becker Family was featured on the Dr. Phil show because they were attacked by a random intruder who almost killed Greg and his wife Estela for no apparent reason. Dr. Phil's producers got wind of this and remodeled their old house like extreme make over home edition. They got a completely new home which helped them deal with the trama. The SC Times asked me to do a portait for this weeks paper. They were such a fun down to earth family it's sad that they were victims of a strange crime. Below is a moody one I like. SC Times picked something more fun.

Red Bull gives you wings

Monday through Wednesday I was able to shoot an amazing chopper for Red Bull. I'm talking amazing! Have you ever seen a heli do loops and barrel rolls? I havn't until this trip that is. The pilot, Chuck Aaron, is one of 7 in the world that can fly this type of machine. To spice it up Red Bull surfers Jamie Obrien, Ian Walsh, and Jamie Sterling where able to fly in this crazy thing.

The Crew from left to right, Chuck, Jamie O, Ian, Jamie Sterling

Jamie O shaka

Love them palm fronz.

It's really upside down. It wasn't shot from a plane looking over or photoshoped, I promise.

Luke, a skydiver from the Red Bull airforce jumped out of the heli and skimmed the shores that evening.

As I was watching the sunset I saw this turtle hanging out on the shore. The north shore of Hawaii is so raw and beautiful. It's fun to visit even if it's just for a few days.

The last night before I went home.

Big Bear

Last weekend I was up at Big Bear with some friends. Fall is my favorite time of the year especially up in the mountains. The fresh air and crisp cool weather was so nice because that means snow is coming soon which means snowboarding season is around the corner which means Mammoth with the wife and fresh pow-pow (I love run on sentences as much as new snow). I got a new camera and was happy to test it out on some leaf photos. For some reason I didn't even think of shooting photos of my homies. Two of my favorite anti-people images are below...

Babies are cool!

Last week I went to the Tri Delta sorority house at UCLA to shoot little Bo. This kid loved to play peek-a-boo and wouldn't stop laughing. It's so much fun shooting younger kids because they don't know what's going on. To them it's just another day in paradise accept they are getting more attention than usual.


Wow, what a busy October. My brother got engaged which was a highlight. He was so stoked and had been planning this for some time now. Originally he wanted to do a hot air balloon ride in Del Mar but the winds never cooperated. After 3 nights of cancelled plans he decided for plan B. What is plan B, well a nice walk to a spot in Laguna overlooking the ocean to watch the sunset. On the way down 3 bottles would be placed along the trail with notes inside about memories they'd shared. At the end would be two chairs, blankets, Martinellis, rose peddles and a final bottle. In the final bottle would be the ring but before it would be opened a signal would be made and a fire would be lit spelling out "Marry Me". It all went as planned accept for the sunset part. Below are some images that my wife and I were able to shoot as everything went down. I must say my wife got some artsy angles...she's a natural.

Here's the happy couple walking down to the cliff over looking the sunset. My brother is so smooth, notice his jacket over his girl. They arrived a little bit after the sun had already hit the water but that didn't stop us from shooting in the low light.

They made it to the chairs and Martinellis

I shot from the beach with my 600mm hiding in the tide pools

And there's the signal

My friend Raul was the fire starter. It's amazing how the lighter fluid works so well

The drop knee stance

The burning question was asked and she said yes of course. Way to go Mark and Jessica!