Saturday, October 13, 2007

Red Bull gives you wings

Monday through Wednesday I was able to shoot an amazing chopper for Red Bull. I'm talking amazing! Have you ever seen a heli do loops and barrel rolls? I havn't until this trip that is. The pilot, Chuck Aaron, is one of 7 in the world that can fly this type of machine. To spice it up Red Bull surfers Jamie Obrien, Ian Walsh, and Jamie Sterling where able to fly in this crazy thing.

The Crew from left to right, Chuck, Jamie O, Ian, Jamie Sterling

Jamie O shaka

Love them palm fronz.

It's really upside down. It wasn't shot from a plane looking over or photoshoped, I promise.

Luke, a skydiver from the Red Bull airforce jumped out of the heli and skimmed the shores that evening.

As I was watching the sunset I saw this turtle hanging out on the shore. The north shore of Hawaii is so raw and beautiful. It's fun to visit even if it's just for a few days.

The last night before I went home.

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