Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Matt & Felina

Saturday March 22nd Matt & Felina got married at the Covenant Hills Club House. It was such a fun intimate wedding where Mike and I felt more like a guest than a hired gun. The food was great, the cheese cake was the best I've ever tasted and there was plenty of smiles and laughter had by everyone. Some of the highlights are below...

The true Angel fan with the autographed ball he tossed to the single men instead of the garter.

Matt's grandpa fought in WWI, WWII and the Korean war. I have much respect for this guy.


  1. I'm Matt's Aunt in Yuma, AZ. and I am in awe of how wonderful these pictures are. Each picture captures a realness that is so, so touching.
    They are beautiful and not only tell a story but share the emotions of "the" story.
    I, as I know my sister will, became very choked up admiring the last one of Matt with his grandpa. Simply beautiful. How kind of this photographer to capture such emotions for us all to share.

  2. Mar 22nd was a grand day and this is the best part about it is that we get to see these moments over and over and remember them in our hearts. Very lovely, especially the last shot.

  3. This was the most wonderful day in my life & you guys captured it so beautifully. I am so amazed with the way life works & can only thank God for bringing Matt into my life, everyday....I love you Mateo

  4. love the closeup of the stacked faces!