Monday, March 3, 2008

Joshua Tree

Wedding season is just around the corner so it's nice to enjoying the few open weekends that's left exploring California. Some buddies invited my wife and I to Joshua Tree for the weekend and we couldn't refuse. This was my first time and was blown away by how big the climbing community is there. Much respect to all the rock hoppers out there. It is always good to test your limits and see what you're made of. I did get stuck on one climb and had to work through it. It's always nice to have a good ground crew calling out hand and leg holds you can't see so well and encouraging you to push through. What a great trip filled with fun friends and no bugs (I hate mosquitos with a passion and enjoyed a bite free weekend). Thank you Troy and Stacy for planning this adventure.

Here's the first rock formation we came to. This guys was intense.

That's my wife, she's such my rock lobster!

Joshua Tree is for lovers...

Don't feed the bears! Chipmunks are ok though...

The crew from left to right, Miah Klein, Troy Tertany, Aryn Klein, Stacy Tertany, Justin Hill, Kristen Morrison, Sandra Hill and Dave Morrison

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