Thursday, November 17, 2011

OC Weekly Best of 2011

Heard that I was featured in OC Weekly's best of issue for photography. After a little search on their website, found the rumor was indeed true. Very flattered to be recognized and want to thank all the little people who made this possible... hi mom. Here is to tooting your own horn, toot, toot. Below is the write up and the link to OC Weekly.

"Digital photography has made almost anyone willing to dump some money on decent equipment a photographer. Or so they think. The best are still the ones who capture the brief moments that make us stop and stare. Jeremiah Klein, who's originally from Anaheim, is one of those established, versatile photographers. Whether he's shooting from just below the lip at Pipeline or perched on a hill down the beach behind his 600 mm lens, his surf photography unveils the angles and artistic approaches other surf photographers (who all seem to suffer from sheep mentality) tend to miss. In his wedding portfolio, he captures the sort of images that make grown men actually give a damn. If you want the in-demand "Miah" Klein to shoot your nuptials, just schedule him. If you want him to capture you at your surfing best, well, you better be among the best: He shoots for the world's most popular surfing website, Surfline."

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