Monday, August 9, 2010

Renee + Grant Sneak Peek!

I just couldn't wait to finished editing all the images before posting a few here and now. Here's a taste of history...


  1. Miah-
    You are the man!!!!!! Renee and I feel so lucky that you were our wedding photographer! I love this picture and can't wait to see what is to follow. We are off to Fiji for the next 12 days so please take your time in editing your photos. There is no rush and don't feel pressured to get them done by the time we are back. We love your work and you are so amazing! I hope you had a good time and we are so stoked on how everything turned out! The venue was absolutely stunning and the day was magical!!! Still frothing 2 days later!!!!! Yew!!!! Talk to you soon and thanks again for all your efforts!!!

  2. Wow! That last shot is stunning!!

  3. i spot a beach ball and fun socks. love it.