Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Thrash Family

If you know a high schooler in San Clemente chances are they know the Thrashes. Mark and Jamie do Young Life at San Clemente High School and have impacted so many teenager's lives in a positive way. It is always fun shooting passionate people and this fam takes the cake.


  1. super rad dude. nice leading lines. nice expression, nice jorb

  2. wow, beautiful set of photos. love the first one! :)

  3. love the shots on the open road

  4. And this just makes me want to have a baby!

  5. @Matty Mo, it's all about the lines.
    @Jen, thanks for the kind words.
    @Reuben, gotta love San Clemente's open roads.
    @Chloe, when you have your baby it's going to be hard putting the camera down. I know from experience.