Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carl & Allyson

Carl and Allyson are hip fun with a little edge. They pushed Mike and I on a creative level and we loved it. They got married at the Amada where the surrounding area made for an interesting shoot after they said "I do". To much goodness to fit in this post.

Since the birth of little Shiloh I've been more in tune with father daughter moments and Allyson and her dad definitely have something special. The kiss on the nose is my favorite...see below.


  1. yeahhh. that last portrait of them, the one with the light. so good. i like how your relationship with your daughter is inspiring your photography like that. i think that's how art happens.

  2. rad post. really like the b&w under arch shot- something raw bout it

  3. That's my cuz, and that's my new cuz. Great time, great wedding, great pictures.