Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rob Machado

Today I was able to meet up with an amazing surfer Rob Machado and shoot his surfboard quiver for His house overlooks Cardiff reef and pretty amazing. Here's two that I'm proud of...

Also, for you brides out there check back this weekend for some cool updates. There are two weddings on deck that Mike and I shot last week that are quite special.


  1. Great images, Miah! Love the first. Master of off camera strobes.

  2. loved this post! i would love to get into photographing the surf culture. i lived in Hawaii for many years and miss it tons.

  3. that second one is where it's at!

    great shots miah!

    -i just saw your comment you left on my blog... we definitely have to meet up sometime soon!


  4. hey jeremiah!

    I am a big fan of your work. I think you are one of the better fast 50 shooters i have seen in a long while. The Rob shots are siiiiccck!!

    keep in touch mate!

    mark d.

  5. @Dave, ah the Profoto 600R changed my life
    @Jen, the surf world always needs more photographers...go to it
    @Mikey, it's been a while. I look forward to shooting with you this month
    @Mark, thanks for posting a comment it really means a lot. I've been blessed to learn from a bunch of talented photographers