Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kevin & Alison

Our last wedding of the year and we went out with a bang! Kevin and Alison got married in historic San Juan Capistrano. The whole day was a ton of fun as we knew some of the bridal party. Alison just rolled with the punches as one of her bridesmaid's dress flew out the window while driving to get ready. If that wasn't bad enough an 18 wheeler ran it over and destroyed it. The police did a traffic break and she got the dress back but ended up going to David's Bridal for a last minute purchase. She got a new dress and nobody suspected. This goes to show that weddings are very unpredictable that's why we love shooting them so much.

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  1. Loved your photos...especially the slideshow. The Mission Basilica was beautiful! Kevin & Alison are such a great couple. I did their flowers, so I'll give you a call to order some of the photos for my website. I loved their wine theme!

    Tricia Barr