Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Papua New Guinea

I just got back from my three week trip overseas and wow what an adventure. We have it so good here in the US. In PNG it is a luxury to have indoor plumbing, electricity, a car, money or even a soccer ball. Less than 10% of the country has a job but most of the people live off the land hunting and farming their own food. The people are so much fun and have a great sense of humor. Everyone we met greeted us with big smiles. It was very humbling to see them live so simple and be so happy.

This was the river we stayed next too. One night after it rained we took a 1 hour float down this thing. We were scared for 59 minutes of the ride because the water was so brown and we thought we saw a crocodile.

Mosquito nets were a must.

I love the boy in front pushing a wheel with a stick. Oh the days before video games and organized sport...

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