Thursday, July 19, 2007

July 2007

I shot a wedding yesturday with Johnathan West He's the man and it's good to work with creative people. His social skills are strong which is fun to watch him work the crowd with his humor and wit. He had me shoot the groom and his crew which is different because I'm usually the one with the bride. At any rate I was able to get some interesting stuff.

Nathan and one of his groomsmen

We found this neat gate next the the ceremony site. Nate is so layed back I was able to get some smiles next to the simple background.

It was a bright day but made for sweet backlit artsy stuff.

Nothing like some good prayer before game time.

They had bagpipes before and after the ceremony. This guy was the real deal.

This is my favorite image from the ceremony. Ah, true love...